LUKAD – good prospects

LUKAD is an owner-run company with its headquarter in the Sauerland region of Germany. It unites down-to-earth traditions with global thinking and international success.

The origins of LUKAD Holding go back to the when the Arnold Menshen business was founded in the 1950s. Thanks to great creativity and entrepreneurial skills, products and services have been developed that are distributed all over the world.

The owner family endorses commitment, reliability and a long-term approach. The close connections between the owner family and the company are reflected in the corporate philosophy.

By the way, the name LUKAD is made up of the first names of the leading members of the family: L (Lutz) U (Ursula) K (Knut) A (Arnold) D (Dorle).

The advancement of the people who make LUKAD and its associated companies so successful is a matter of particular concern to the family. For this reason, special attention is payed on the fields of education, training and career. This attitude is demonstrated for instance by cooperation projects with schools, colleges and universities.